Hakuba Valley and Outer Tokyo Photo Diary

Into the mountains for skiing adventures and off to Mt Fuji for my mountain obsessed self.

Japan was my first time ever being in the snow and i have to say i was expecting to hate it. I’m a water baby and forever complaining if the temperature drops below 25 degrees. So it came as quite a shock to me that i ended up loving the snow, but i guess it doesn’t hurt when you’re boyfriend is an absolute snow bunny and is happiest when he’s snowboarding.

There’s nothing quite like arriving at your hotel in Hakuba after dragging your bags…scratch that… your boyfriend dragging your bags through the defrosted sludgy ice…to find your hotel looking exactly as it did in the incredible yet suspicisous photos on booking.com. I couldn’t believe that we were actually staying in a log cabin surrounded by snow and mountains with views constantly available to us through windows at every turn. It was definitely one of the most magical places i’ve ever been.

I’m so glad our hotel was incredible because it turns out i’m terrible at skiing and do not enjoy it one bit so it didn’t hurt warming up with green tea while still being able to see those incredible mountains from the comfort of our room, after a long day of constantly falling over and hurting myself.

Speaking of incredible mountains, it would be rude of me to say Mt Fuji is breathtaking. It is just beyond words. I was pretty convinced it was just like a big green screen or painting they were hanging in the sky until our guide told us people climb it in the summer (immediately added to my mental bucket list). I can’t even describe how incredible it was so hopefully my photos do and hopefully they inspire you to put Mt Fuji and Snowboarding in Hakuba on your mental bucket list because i promise you won’t be disappointedhakuba mountainshakuba village


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