2017 Travel Plans: 25 Countries in One Year?

This year is going to be full of travel for me and i’m so excited to get out there and explore. So i thought i’d share with you my 2017 travel plans so you know what countries and cities i’m planning on going to and also so you’ll know what to expect  from www.daninaughton.com this year. I’ll be keeping you up to date from the road and blogging about all my adventures and there’s going to be loads of exciting content coming.

So first up is a summer spent in Europe.

In June i’m heading off on the long haul flight from Perth to London and will be going on my first group tour with Topdeck. Me and my partner picked the Mega European Tour which goes through 22 countries throughout Europe. Our tour starts in London where we head straight to Paris and start our 50 day adventure through Europe.

Paris, France

eiffel tower paris

Loire Valley, France

loire valley france

Bordeaux, France

bordeaux france

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

French Riviera, France

nice france



Swiss Alps, Switzerland

swiss alps

Verona, Italy


Venice, Italy


Pisa, Italy

pisa italy

Florence, Italy


Orvieto, Italy


Rome, Italy


Vatican City

vatican city

Greek Sailing

sailing in greece

Mykonos, Greece


Athens, Greece


Meteora, Greece

meteora greece

Tirana, Albania


Budva, Montenegro

budva montenegro

Dubrovnik, Croatia

2017 travel plans
dubrovnik croatia

Zadar, Croatia

radar croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

plitvice lakes croatia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

ljubljana slovenia

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade serbia

Budapest, Hungary


Bratislava, Slovakia


Vienna, Austria

vienna austria

Krakow, Poland

krakow poland


auschwitz birkenau

Prague, Czech Republic


Dresden, Germany


Berlin, Germany

berlin wall

Copenhagen, Denmark


Hamburg, Germany

hamburg Germany

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


London, England



Our tour finishes back in London where we’ll be spending a few days exploring London and seeing my partner’s family before he heads home and i head to Milan and then to Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre, that beautiful little spot on the coast of Italy, has been somewhere i’ve been dreaming of for years and it’s even been the screensaver on my phone to motivate me every single day to get there.

That dream is finally going to come true because i’m travelling there by myself for a week. I’m so beyond excited and nervous because it’ll be my first time travelling solo. I won’t have much time in Milan on the way back to London to catch my flight home but i’m aiming to at least see the Duomo. I have the day in London before i catch my flight home so i’ll head out to explore some more before ending my European summer.

Cinque Terre, Italy

cinque terre

Milan, Italy

milan duomo


After a few months home to save up some more money me and my partner will be heading off to South East Asia to explore. We haven’t figured out the details yet but this is what we hope to do while we’re over there.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

angkor wat

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

ho chi minh city

Nha Trang, Vietnam

nha trang

Hoi An, Vietnam

hoi an

Sapa, Vietnam

sapa vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

halong bay

Luang Prabang, Laos

luang prabang



On the wish list:

Now for the places that i’m dreaming of going to this year and if i get the chance then these two are at the top of my list.

Iceland has been at the top of my travel wish list since it first started to pop up on social media and i’ve been obsessed with going ever since. I’ve got a pretty packed year of travel but if i get the chance to go somewhere else, Iceland is where i’ll be going.

And second on the wish list is Bali. I feel like i’m the only Australian who hasn’t been to Bali. Because we’re so close it seems like everyone always has a Bali trip coming up and i would like this year to be the year i get over there. I’m not into partying or anything though so when i make it there it’ll be all about Ubud, Uluwatu and the Gilli Islands for me.

Iceland Road Trip

iceland northern lights

Bali, Indonesia



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2017 travel plans


  1. Looks like a busy summer ahead for you! You will want to spend so much more time in all those places but your tour will be such a whirlwind and a snapshot of Europe. I’m more of a slow travel person and will do repeat visits to places I really love. Because I always feel like I barely scratch the surface of a place even when I’m just visiting. Anyways, you’re going to have loads of fun on your trip!

    1. Very busy! I’m excited to get a taste of everywhere so i can go back for longer to my favourite places! I definitely get that feeling, i spent 3 weeks in tokyo and still felt like there was so much more to do.

  2. Loved and been to most of the places on your list. With that being said I’d personally swap Luang Probang for Bali if its possible for you. Otherwise, its an ambitious and amazing agenda and you are in for the time of your life. Its difficult but my favorites on your agenda would have to be Seam Reap, Paris, Halong Bay, anywhere in Croatia, Greece (islands only) or Spain (Andalucia). The good thing is you won’t need much money for SE Asia, so you shouldn’t be home too long lol… Enjoy!!!!!!

    1. Oh really? I’m considering adding Bali onto the trip as me and my partner don’t want to miss out on Laos because of an elephant orphanage we’re considering volunteering at but i also am dying to go to bali! I guess i’ll have to see how far my money can go. Thank you for the advice! I’m so excited!

  3. It’s funny because I am from Milan, I now live in near Verona, and my grandparents lived close to the cinque terre…anyway, I’m green with envy for all these places you are going to visit! I wish I could take so much time off and get away too. Lubjiana is only a few hours drive away, for example, and I never got around to go! Will you be able to blog while you are traveling?

    1. Wow that’s so cool! I always wish i was born in Europe and grew up there for ease of moving around. I hope you get to take some time off soon and go adventuring! And i’m definitely going to be blogging while i’m away 🙂

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